jeudi 7 septembre 2017

Pseudzero - Closed Caskets (Afterlife Megamix) Mix-CD

My recent Afterlife Recordz megamix just been released as very limited mix-cds. That's 54 minutes of one of the most underrated yet essential Project Blowed-related imprint/ collective. I'm pretty proud about it, check the sampler and let me know what you think.

Cope yours while stock last at the vulgar website or on bandcamp

vendredi 1 septembre 2017

Sabotawjyostyle - Elevation 12''

Since Orko is releasing a brand new LP these days (or is it 2 new LPs?), today I'm sharing a rare 12'' from San Diego which features him.
The artist is Sabotawjyostyle (also known as Sabotawj), from the Rhymeside label/crew, and this 12'' was released in 2002 at 300 units to promote the release of his Memoirs Of The Hardcore album.
"Saturate Da Underground" features not only Orko but also an other Daygo legend, Odessa Kane from Masters Of The Universe (even if none of them are credited on the vinyl).
The vinyl is a bit tricky to find but it might pop up on discogs some day. 
Meanwhile, enjoy the homemade rip...

In another news, there's a batch of other new albums to check for the indie rap afficionados this fall:
Beetbak got their second tape release with Aki Khalaq aka Kennuf Akbar.
The Ganja Cowboys album "Legends Of The Fall" which is Riddlore, Droop Capone and Lord Zen (interesting combinaison, huh?).
A new 2Mex LP "Lospital"
Another new trio in Gel Roc/ Megabusive/ Deeskee "Exalt the Anti".
An Aceyalone + Orko album called "Ancient Future".
Another SD-related MC, Veks' side project "Apes Of Graf" got the vinyl reissue by Chopped Herring.
And I recommend this dope group from Berlin (rhymes in english though): Moontroop. They got a new album called "The Dirty Something".

Back to our 12'':

Elevation ft. Nick Faulty & Tashi Numbaone
Saturate Da Underground ft. Odessa Kane & Orko The Sycotik Alien
Battle Words
Da Tribute

dimanche 27 août 2017

VA - Outerbodied Compilation

This is a somewhat rare compilation pulled together by Esoin in 1999 and blending the cream of the San Jose underground at that time. Its full title is "Outerbodied - Enter Our World (Collection Of Art From San Jose)". A SJ local made me a cassette dub, so here's the rip.

I have no tracklist but there's a list of the emcees on the side: Esoin, Style Misia, Diverse, A-O.N.E., Zest The Smoker, Los, Members Of Accuracy, Megabusive, El Uno, Axiom, Dem-1, DJ Worldwise, Overall Atmosphere, Cancereye, Mr. Aeks, DJ Roe, New Moon, KHz Devils and Visual Training. Pretty interesting, indeed!

Anybody with more info, a full tracklist, good scan of the cover or a better rip, please holla!

Edit- After a little research I realize some of these tracks were put on some compilations, for example tracks 2 & 7 are on Esoin's "Spiral Journey To The Sun", track 3 on El Uno's "Archive Files", track 6 on Sidus Idiom's "Moments Til Ruin", track 10 on New Moon's first LP, track 12 on Style Misia's "Hidden Pieces" compilation.

ESOIN & DEM-ONE - Jungle Abyss
EL UNO - La La Princess
?? -  Massive Destruction (??)
SIDUS IDIOM - Unrented Space
ZEST, LOS, ESOIN & DIVERSE - Situation Critical
?? Forever (??)
MEGABUSIVE, ??? - ??
NEW MOON - Downfalls
STYLE MISIA - M.I.U. Redemption ft. Diverse
AXIOM, ?? - ??

lundi 31 juillet 2017

Tangent - Self Made EP

This is Tangent's vinyl EP off his second album 'Global Swarm', released in 2000.
It's missing some of the finest production work featured on Lost Then Found in my opinion, but it's still worth a try. Once again thanks K.P. for the rip.

In another news, Jihad from Third Sight is releasing his second solo full length album next friday on every format possible, it's called The Wretched Of The Verse and sounds a winner.

Human Race
Tangent Rocks
Goes Like This
Off The Hook

jeudi 20 juillet 2017

Tangent - Lost Then Found

That album was requested a long time ago and I'm happy to present it at last, thanks to Kaliyuga Pro -once again- who provided the rip.
Tangent is a MC from Salt Lake City, and part of the Furthermore trio. Lost Then Found is his first album, released in 1996.
I didn't listen to it enough to have a definite opinion yet but this far I'd say this is good... Pretty dope actually. Productions are varied and well crafted, emceeing is well on point... Give it a check, you won't regret.

In other great, non-related news, Wiz1 the producer from Blak Forest / Circle Of Power recently announced a 20th anniversary reissue of the classic "You Are Now Entering..." with bonus and unreleased materials.. We'll keep an eye on that, believe it!

Another great news, the upcoming release of, not one but two! Third Sight vinyls, thanks to Sanctimonious Records. Both releases will consist of tracks off TS' recent Orchids & Corpses old material compilation, and will have 6 tracks on a EP, and the other one will be a 7'' with both versions of Gun Shot Victim. Better believe I'll bag both of these! I'll post links whenever it's officially out.


Frequencies ft. Fisher
Infected ft. Fisher
Jive Talkin ft. Fisher
Drunken Fist ft. Fisher
Crossroads ft. Fisher, Gunnar & Mark
Trick Circus

mercredi 12 juillet 2017

Bignous - The Outcome EP

I've been looking for that EP for a while and finally got a copy to share. This is the latest EP from the Hobo Junction's Bignous, although it's 11 years old now. Apparently Big made the jump to the eastcoast at the time he released this.
There's 5 hidden tracks, so total 12 tracks for 22 minutes, productions are rather minimal and dark, I like it although I wasn't expecting much. Enjoy!

The Outcome (Street Version)
The Outcome (Radio)
The Outcome (Instrumental)
The Outcome (Accapella)
Warnin Shots
Mount Vernon

jeudi 6 juillet 2017

Requests (Update)

I decided to update the post so you won't have to look for it forever in the archives and update the list.
Here's my list below, don't hesitate to post yours in the comment section and post links if you have some the albums. The older post is deleted.

Underbombers - White Label Chronicles
Bedouins - The Missing Link Vol.1
Sidus Idiom - Moments Til Ruin
Persevere - Void Filler
VA - Architect presents Most Wanted
Visual Training - Contrapuntale Rhythms + Obstacles Are Daunting
Peaceshine - No More Hip Hop EP
KHZ Devils - No Big Deal
VA - Outerbodied Compilation
VA - Local Dynasties - San Jo's Most Underrated Finest
A-O.N.E. - Sands Of Time / Reflections

Tony Da Skitzo / Pimpin Comprehension - The Backroad EP
Millenium (Nommo Collective) - Adura EP
Olufemi Lasana - 4 Da Luv Of Da People
Jahsun Edmonds - Catabasis
Enigmatic - Sons Of The Forgotten Tongue
Matrix (Odessa Kane) - 1997 Demo
Orko & FSTZ (Ultranet) - Enter The Ultranet EP

SF/ Oakland:
Mad Squirrel - Summer Madness
The Latter - 1983 + Hearing Aids
Prego W/Zest - Unemployed Workaholic EP
Grand Collab - Trife Venom EP
Yole Boys - Gurp City's Own Yole Boys
Eydle Mode - Eyedlmode (Cassette EP)
EBF (Various Blends) - Mockumentary Sampler
Insomniac - Don't Sleep

Darkleaf - Mission I
The Havenots - No Attachments
Name Science & Indepth - Atomic Mass (Weight) Ar EP
Himself - Book Of Hymns + Summer In The City + Remiccs
Perfecto - Melanin Music + The Voice Of Inglewood
Yusef Afloat - Foreign Objects
3 Loc (Tray Loc) - Gold Digger
Dojo Pros - Look Out 12''
L.O.R.D. (of Western Union) - B.P.C.L.R.G(...) + My Female 7'' + Mic Snatchers EP
Penuckle - Blunts & Roses + Love Dies 12''

Acheeka - Music For Musicians
Parallel - Digital Wasteland
Dorn The Overseer - California Dream EP
Jedeyes - Experiment 31 + It's Not What You Think!!!
VA - Rotation Music - The Return Of The Ancient One Vol.1 (ft. Gas Chamber, Izm, Jizzm, Penuckle, Shane Hunter..)
Hansover Fist - S/T 7''
Hanover Fist - Viva El Puno
Opus X - Rat Vs. Squirrel 12''
VA - Chocolate Park (1997)
Kidd X - X Marks The Spot + The Unknown
Two Sense - Records Of The Speciman
Black Tongue - Future Shock
Antisocial Products - Bus Stops And City Blocks
The Moonies - Invasion + Ear Therapy EP
Ghetto Sage - Poetry Or Prophet Sees
J The Sarge - Head Music
Halfway House Emcees - Tha Foreword Lateral
Pluto Faction - Future Pop 7''
The Cookers - Hermano 7''
VA - My Show Called Life - Arrival Of The Illest
Invisible Inc. - Walkman Classic EP
Protest - The Nitro EP + The Dope Game 12''
Yard Massive - Lifestyles Of A Cali Mcee
Insult 2 Injury - any stuff (12'', 99 Sampler..)
The Unstoppable Youth - Eclectic Stimulation
Subterraneanz - Subterranean Means / My Crew EP
Sub-Conscious - Subtalk